11 myths and truths about hair

Throughout your life, you’ve probably heard or read a lot about the myths and truths about hair. The problem is that it is often difficult to know if it is true information or not.

Because a lie repeated many times can become a truth, today we present a series of hair myths and truths to shed light on how you should care for yours.

Myths and truths to know about hair

You don’t dry your hair, why do you think it’s harming it? Are you scared because you recently became a mother and experienced increased hair loss? Both of these are very common. Let’s break down the issue. Understand more about caring for your scalp and hair. Take note!

1. Diet affects hair quality: the truth

It is really true that a healthy, balanced diet helps strengthen skin, nails and hair. Similarly, a diet low in certain nutrients can weaken hair, causing it to fall out and become thinner.

So focus on foods rich in B vitamins, beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A), zinc, iron, silicon and cysteine.

2. Over-washing your hair weakens it: myth

If you wash your hair every day, you should know that this habit does not harm your hair in any way. On the other hand, dirt can clog hair pores, making it difficult for hair to grow.

It is important to say that the pH and salinity level of the water can influence the health of the hair.

3. Only people with dirty hair have dandruff: myth

Dandruff has nothing to do with hair hygiene routines, but rather with skin diseases of the scalp that can cause flaking, such as seborrheic dermatitis.

4. It is normal to lose hair during the postpartum period: truth

Many mothers have experienced this condition a few months after giving birth. This phase even has a name (telogen effluvium) and is a temporary situation.

If the hair loss is very intense or prolonged, a dermatologist should be consulted.

5. Having wet hair causes the root to rot: myth

Although this is an idea that is passed on to us from a very young age, often when we are still children, it is not true, because as we have already explained, the contact between water and the scalp does not cause any hair damage.

6. Cutting your hair makes it stronger: myth

Of course, cutting your hair is aesthetic because it removes the most worn out part of the hair shaft. However, we cannot consider that it strengthens the hair or contributes to its healthier and faster growth.

woman washing her hair with shampoo

7. There are shampoos that prevent hair loss: myth

Shampoos do not interfere with the scalp and therefore have no influence on hair loss. That’s why you should only worry about using a shampoo that respects the characteristics of your hair shaft.

It is also important to say that there are no shampoos that cause or encourage hair loss.

8. There are procedures and hairstyles that damage hair: true

Brushing, picking up, and any other manipulation of hair can contribute to weakening it and, more importantly, causing it to fall out.

9. Drying hair with a hair dryer damages hair: myth

The air of the hair dryer does not damage the hair, provided that you do not press the hair dryer too long and too hard on the hair. In any case, it is recommended to use a temperature that is not too high, so as not to irritate the scalp.

10. If you pull out the white hair, others will be born: myth

Pulling out gray hair does not make more gray hair appear. The appearance of gray hair is a slow, gradual process that occurs regardless of whether you pull out the gray hair or not.

11. It is possible to treat baldness: the truth

There are already several dermatological treatments capable of restoring hair to those who have lost it. Of course, the success and effectiveness of these procedures depend on many variables. In these cases, it is always important to consult a qualified specialist, such as a dermatologist.

Don’t be fooled by the myths and remember only what is scientifically proven!

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