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Health insurance campaign

Family Money

If you accept this offer, you are enrolling in the Medicare Silver Family Health Plan.

Campaign Terms:

Access to the Medicare medical network (1)

Medical consultations, examinations and/or treatments with provider discounts.

See www.medicare.pt for more information on conditions.

Access to the Medicare dental network (1)

Dental consultations and treatments with provider discounts.

See www.medicare.pt for more information on conditions.

3 (three) free dental procedures (2):

  • Dental checkup;
  • Dental cleaning (scaling);
  • Extraction of a tooth (3)

(1) Medicare is not a health care provider.

(2) These free procedures/treatments may be included in dental treatment plans. Subject to confirmation with the provider. A diagnostic consultation is recommended.

(3) Exodontia of a deciduous, monoradicular or multirooted, supernumerary tooth.

Monthly fee offer

Offers a monthly fee for the Medicare Silver Family Health Plan for a period of 6 (six) months from the date of enrollment, after which the associated benefits will automatically expire.

Cost of Services

Medical services provided by Providers have a cost to the Client and/or Beneficiary(ies), with the exception of free or no-cost medical procedures, and discounts and rebates may be up to 30% off each Provider’s list price. The above discount percentage is indicative only and is not a requirement for all Providers in the Medicare network, nor for Medicare.


Each plan may have up to six (6) beneficiaries, provided they are enrolled on the date of enrollment in the offer. Only plan holders who have never accepted a Medicare offer will be eligible.

Cost of the Silver Family Plan

Family Silver Medicare Campaign





In consultation

You must be accompanied by the appropriate identification. After the visit, you must pay for the services you received according to the rate agreed upon with Medicare. All services described above are the responsibility of the providers, and Medicare does not provide any health care services.

Campaign Limit

This campaign is limited to 500 bids per day for each district in Portugal.

End of the campaign

The campaign ends on August 31, 2022, and offers may be used until the expiration date of the cardholder’s subscribed plan. Medicare may at any time and at its sole discretion extend and/or modify the terms of the campaign, so please check these terms from time to time.

For more information on the terms and conditions of enrollment in Medicare plans, please refer to the Medicare Terms and Conditions of Enrollment.

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