Sofre com alergias na pele? Saiba como proteger-se

A pele é o maior órgão do corpo humano e é seu invólucro, por isso fundamental para a nossa sobrevivência, atuando como barreira protetora contra agentes do meio ambiente, designadamente bactérias ou vírus. Tem, também, um papel essencial na regulação da temperatura corporal e nas funções sensoriais (tato, pressão, frio, calor, dor). Intervém, ainda,...

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Sinusitis: how to treat it

A sinusitis is the most common health problem. It results from an infection in the nose area that causes severe discomfort. Learn how to treat and prevent it. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the sinuses, a set of air-filled bony cavities located around the nose, cheeks and eyes. It is also called rhinosinusitis because the...

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How do you know if you have allergic rhinitis?

A allergic rhinitis Allergic rhinitis is a disease that manifests itself as an inflammation of the nasal mucosa. It is estimated that this pathology affects about 22% to 26% of the Portuguese population and about 43% of children aged 3 to 5 years. This disease, often under-diagnosed and under-treated, can be associated with other uncontrolled pathologies,...

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Pollen allergy: how to minimize this problem

Every year, when spring arrives, the itchy nose, palate, throat and neck also arrive. The nose becomes blocked and produces a clear watery discharge. The eyes water and become red. Sneezing follows one another… These are typical symptoms of seasonal allergies, including the most common one: the pollen allergy. It is essentially an exaggerated...

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